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Imbibe turns five, and you get the present

This summer marks five years since Imbibe magazine made its debut, which also means it’s been five years that I’ve been writing for them. To celebrate this milestone, the folks at Imbibe are holding a cocktail contest, with the winning drink taking prime place on the cover of the May/June issue of the magazine. That… Continue Reading

The Alchemy of Taste and Smell

No, the blog hasn’t died, and I haven’t forgotten my WordPress password. Rather, I’ve just been deep in work and life the past, uh, couple of months, and the blog updates I do in my spare time have taken a hit as that spare time has become almost nonexistent. But in case there’s anybody out… Continue Reading

Keeping Ahead in an Online World

Hey there – yes, you. While it’s possible you may have stumbled by here while searching for cocktail recipes or some kind of history of drinking, it’s quite likely (considering what I’ve learned about readers of this blog over the past five years) that you’re somehow involved in the drinks industry. Perhaps you’re a booze… Continue Reading

Come Dine with Me … and, uh, Morgenthaler

For most of the five-plus years that I’ve been writing the Cocktail Chronicles, it’s been my pleasure to be joined in the boozy blogosphere by my good friend Jeffrey Morgenthaler. On July 22, Jeff and I will shift our online cocktail musings into real life during a Spirited Dinner for Tales of the Cocktail, to… Continue Reading

Art of the Aperitif

I love it when someone lectures me about vermouth. It’s happened a couple of times recently; a few weeks ago, when a guy sitting at the bar at Zig Zag decided it was his duty as a cocktail geek to put this random stranger sitting next to him (me) on the path to good drinking… Continue Reading