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An Evening of Holiday Drinks

‘Twas the night before — okay, it was the night before Tuesday, and still a respectable way before Thanksgiving nevermind Christmas (and come to think of it, not much in that house was quiet at all),  but all mangled holiday story preambles aside, on Monday, November 16, the Washington State Bartender’s Guild organized a Yuletide-themed… Continue Reading

An Evening of Holiday Drinks, November 16

I’ve always hated it when stores put up their Christmas displays right after Halloween, and cities start hanging wreaths and ribbons on everything in sight while everyone is still getting accustomed to the idea of autumn. I know I have good company in this, but this year I’m thinking about the holidays a little bit… Continue Reading

Cuisinternship entries

As I mentioned last month, the good folks at Oregon Bounty organized a creatively titled Cuisinternship Contest that would pair selected winners (who entered by submitting a short video and even shorter Twitter-length essay) with some of the state’s culinary luminaries for a one-week, all-expenses-paid internship. The deadline has now passed — too bad, procrastinators… Continue Reading

Oregon “Cuisinternship”

No, I didn’t make up that word — the good folks at Travel Oregon did, as part of a contest they’re running that is offering seven lucky winners all-expenses paid* one-week internships with some of Oregon’s top culinary craftspeople. (Get it now? “Cuisine” plus “internship”? Cuisintern — okay, you got it.) So why am I… Continue Reading

Aaaand here comes Tales!

Wow, July came early this year. One day I’m moseying through my day, putting the kids on the school bus in the morning and sitting down at my desk to wrangle with whatever mess of projects I was working on at the time, and then all of a sudden HOLY SHIT! It’s July, and we’re… Continue Reading