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Absinthe Soiree at the Sorrento Hotel, March 7

It’s come up from time to time that I have a taste for absinthe. If you’re in Seattle this Sunday, March 7, you can join me for a glass or three at an Absinthe Soiree at the Sorrento Hotel, starting at 7pm.

We’ll be in the Fireside Room, and I’ll be in the company of fine folks such as Robert Hess (now, without facial hair!) from Small Screen Network, Gwydion Stone from Marteau and the Wormwood Society, and Marc Bernhard from Pacific Distillery. In addition to the absinthe tasting there’ll be French cabaret music, an absinthe-cocktail cash bar, some food to keep you steady while you have another taste of absinthe, and a bunch of folks who are similarly more interested in the green fairy than the Oscars’ red carpet. Tickets are only $20, and you can buy them here.

Hope to see you there.

MxMo XLVI: Getting Modern, 1916 style

Way back in aught-six, when I first posed the notion of this regular little drinkfest we call Mixology Monday, the first theme picked for the event was pastis. Why pastis? Because that lovely anise flavor that so many have such a love/hate thing for is called for in countless classic cocktails – not that youContinue Reading

MxMo Vermouth: The flower with the power

I’ve been a bad blogger recently, what with the infrequent updates and all (though I’m still writing regularly over at Serious Eats), but even after spending a busy day writing about booze and a busy evening judging a cocktail contest for Domain de Canton (congratulations, Jay!), I’ve still got to log in to WordPress forContinue Reading

30/30, #1: White Lily

We’ve come across them before: the Blood & Sand, the Last Word, the Cameron’s Kick — drinks that look like a train wreck on paper, but in the glass, have a lot more character than you’d think. The White Lily isn’t quite in the same class as these three cocktails, but for something that looksContinue Reading

Torch? Check. Pitchfork? Check.

It’s been a while since my last post, regarding an absinthe event that Gwydion Stone and I put together for the Washington State Bartender’s Guild. But even though it’s been silent on my end, I’ve had a lot of activity coming into the site. Part of this, my self-promotional side must point out, comes fromContinue Reading