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MxMo 19th Century: Gettin’ Vermouthy

They don’t make tastebuds like they used to. Thanks to Dinah over at, who’s hosting this month’s round of Mixology Monday, I’ve been taking a sentimental stroll through some of the older — and newer (thanks to Mud Puddle Books) — cocktail manuals on my bookshelf, in search of the appropriate 19th century cocktail.… Continue Reading


While I was working up my presentation for the “Cocktails With a Kick: Absinthe Returns to America” session at Tales of the Cocktail, I embarked on an extended search through old bar guides in search of attractive — and repulsive — cocktails of yore that featured the old savage green stuff. Starting sometime in the… Continue Reading

A little touch of green

Two years ago, I attended Tales of the Cocktail and was delighted to sit in on a session that, due to its subject matter–absinthe–carried a touch of danger and intrigue. Last year, I attended Tales of the Cocktail and, in addition to a reprise of the absinthe session, I was served a drink or two… Continue Reading