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30/30, #17: Theobroma

Back when I first started exploring cocktails, one of the most useful resources I had was Esquire Drinks and the accompanying Esquire Drinks Database, both written by David Wondrich. Along with the recipes and essays on drinks, the database had (and I’m using the past tense, because damned if I can find it after the… Continue Reading

30/30, #12: Flor de Jalisco

While most of the online coverage I’ve seen regarding the new Food & Wine 2009 Cocktail Guide has been in relation to Eric Felten’s excellent Wall Street Journal piece, “A Welcome Sign of Vodka’s Decline” (though Anita also gives a good rundown of the book over at Married…With Dinner), I thought I’d dip into the… Continue Reading

Variations on a Theme

Before I’m accused of being unspeakably lame for blogging about a cocktail that: has been featured on the menu of one of the world’s most talked-about cocktail bars for the better part of a year, and has already had more than its fair share of press coverage, and that going back nearly a year as… Continue Reading

Who’s Bitter?

Just a quick word before I move on: viruses suck. Now that I’ve explained my absence from posting for much of the past week, I’ll note that while I was under the weather the San Francisco Chronicle scooped me on a topic I’ve been really excited about: some excellent new small-batch bitters coming out of… Continue Reading