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Finishing up the season

While I’ve already posted my welcome note to autumn, today was the official last day of summer, and it kind of, almost felt that way in Seattle. To truly, finally usher out the season, I decided to follow Marleigh’s lead and finish off the last dregs of the Tequila por Mi Amante in my fridge.… Continue Reading

Comments / Validation Needed

Earlier this summer, I decided the time had come for me to finally start wrestling with tequila cocktails. Until then, tequila had been a big blind spot for me, so over the past few months, I’ve tried to clear that up by playing with different bottlings and recipes to get a better idea of the… Continue Reading

The Jaguar

This past week has been one long series of ibuprofin tabs and shots of Robitussin. But it’s Friday night, dammit, and Labor Day weekend to boot, so I’m shrugging off the damn virus for a few hours to start digging in the liquor cabinet. This drink caught my attention the moment I read the recipe.… Continue Reading

Paloma, Mi Amante

Earlier this summer, I mentioned that I was playing with an old recipe from Charles H. Baker’s The Gentleman’s Companion, for an intriguing home-infused concoction called Tequila por Mi Amante — or, Tequila for my beloved. What I haven’t mentioned is how it turned out. Short answer: YAAAAAHHHH! MORE! MORE! MORE! I’d been told by… Continue Reading