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Tequila por Mi Amante

Tequila por Mi Amante, or Tequila for My Beloved; Mexico City, 1937 This is a prepared beverage requiring patience and from three to four weeks. Tequila, 1 pint Ripe strawberries, 1 quart, cut in halves Wash and stem the berries, put into an airtight jar or bottle, pour on enough tequila to cover. Shut tightly… Continue Reading

MxMo XV: Tequila

This one made me sweat. Over the past four years or so, I’ve gone pretty much full-tilt on learning everything I can about spirits and cocktails, but when tackling such a big field, there are inevitably some holes that will need to be filled at a later time. For me, tequila is a big one… Continue Reading