Holiday Drinks that *Still* Don’t Suck, December 8, 2013

As much as I hate it when department stores (and hyper-festive neighbors) break out the Xmas decorations well before Thanksgiving, I need to figuratively stand before you for a moment with my Santa hat in hand, to beg a bit of your attention for something coming up quick on the calendar.

It’s been two years since I debuted a one-man rant dubbed “Holiday Drinks that Don’t Suck” at Rob Roy in Seattle, as part of the Swig Well Drinking Academy, and one year since I threw tantrum numero dos in the same location, and still: the crappy drink recipes start rolling in as soon as the mistletoe goes up, year after year.

So, for the thirsty masses who just can’t take one more mystery punch (“I think that’s rum, and something red, and maybe — god, I hope those are grapes…”) at a friend’s party, or a sad cup of spiked supermarket eggnog while hanging with the in-laws, I’m making my ingredient list and checking it twice for a third round of Holiday Drinks that Don’t Suck, at Rob Roy — Sunday, December 8, 2013, from 1pm – 2:30pm.

As my fellow journalists can attest, three of *anything* qualifies as a trend, so this third round of HDTDS should suggest a wider trend toward drinking better during the holiday season — and during this 90-minute class, I’ll be doing my best to drive that point home for assembled guests, with a little help from Rob Roy’s massive (and skillfully deployed) arsenal of booze. For this round, I’ll be revisiting some of the themes of HDTDS past (and probably meandering off-topic into an unexplored area or two), and along with my hosts Anu Apte and Chris Elford, we will be preparing four fantastic drinks that should be a part of any well-conceived holiday celebration (three of them new to this round of HDTDS), culminating with what’s become a Holiday Drinks that Don’t Suck tradition: a Flaming Christmas Punch.

Seating is limited, and tickets are already on sale, so don’t delay — come take a break from the elbow-throwing hordes downtown and pick up a little winter wisdom, along with a holiday glow, at Rob Roy on December 8. Get your tickets over here, and check out the event’s Facebook page for additional details.

And god bless us, every one…..

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