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30/30, #16: the Saratoga Cocktail

A few days ago, while covering the Diamondback, I mentioned the natural relationship that exists between the rich flavors of rye whiskey and apple brandy. Here’s another excellent drink in the same vein, except with a different partner for the whiskey: the Saratoga Cocktail. Essentially a Manhattan that’s had half of the whiskey swapped out… Continue Reading

30/30, #15: East India Cocktail

It’s Friday, it’s been a long, hellaceous day, and it’s getting close to midnight — I’m gonna skip the usual folderol with this one (not to mention the photo — too tired and fed up with the day to mess with the camera right now) and get straight to the booze. East India Cocktail 2… Continue Reading

30/30, #6: Cuzco

This is a new addition to Casa Chronicles, though since it’s a drink that Julie Reiner came up with for Flatiron Lounge a couple of years back, I suspect it’s thoroughly made the rounds in some circles. Since the 3,000-mile commute precludes frequent visits to Flatiron, I missed this drink when it was first introduced.… Continue Reading

Kay Francis Cocktail

“A Time-Tested Favorite from Venezuela” So wrote Charles H. Baker, traveler, raconteur, and possibly the ultimate fan of exotic tippling. Yesterday I posted the details from an e-mail exchange I recently had with New York bartender and writer St. John Frizell over at Blogging Tales of the Cocktail. That exchange came at a time when… Continue Reading