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30/30, #13: By Any Other Name

(Running into the evening with this 30/30 post, but it’s still Wednesday where I live, so all’s fair….) A few months ago the good folks at Imbibe sent me to Las Vegas, a city that’s diametrically at odds with just about everything about me: I’m normally pretty quiet and subdued, I’m practically allergic to big… Continue Reading

30/30, #10: the Riviera

Last spring, while working on a liqueurs article for Imbibe, I interviewed Toby Maloney, a veteran of a number of bars, notably including The Violet Hour in Chicago. While talking about Campari, Toby suggested a drink that he’d placed on the spring bar menu, and described it as a “Campari gateway drink”. I’ve been a… Continue Reading

30/30, #4: Charlie Chaplin

While I’m spouting off about drinks made with good sloe gin, I should bring up the Charlie Chaplin. This recipe comes from Old Waldorf Bar Days by Albert Stevens Crockett, first published in 1931. Crockett indicates this is an original drink from the Waldorf, “named in [Chaplin’s] honor when he began to make the screen… Continue Reading

30/30, #1: White Lily

We’ve come across them before: the Blood & Sand, the Last Word, the Cameron’s Kick — drinks that look like a train wreck on paper, but in the glass, have a lot more character than you’d think. The White Lily isn’t quite in the same class as these three cocktails, but for something that looks… Continue Reading

The Last Word, Redux

For a once-obscure drink, the Last Word sure gets around. I first posted about it way back in ought-six, and since then a good chunk of the boozy blogosphere has also hailed this excellent drink. The Last Word has its own thread at eGullet, Gary Regan wrote about it in the San Francisco Chronicle, Robert… Continue Reading