California Bound

In just over a week I’m headed to San Francisco to attend a whisk(e)y-lover’s dream event, WhiskyFest.

WhiskyFestHow could you not want to go to something called “WhiskyFest”? And if the name alone isn’t enough to bring you running, consider this: the pouring list offers more than 200 different types of whisk(e)y, from Aberlour and Ardbeg to Van Winkle and Woodford Reserve (and if you need a break from whiskey, there’s also Martin Miller’s Gin and Appleton Estate rums, among other diversions). Add to that a speaker’s list that includes Parker Beam from Heaven Hill, Fred Noe from Jim Beam, Ian Millar from Glenfiddich and John Campbell from Laphroaig, and you’ve got a pretty full evening.

That’s right — it’s one night only, on Tuesday, October 23. Presented by the good folks at Malt Advocate, WhiskyFest is pretty well established in New York and Chicago, but this year marks the debut of the event on the West Coast. If you’re going to be anywhere near the Bay Area next Tuesday, be sure to check this out — it takes place at the Hyatt Regency at Embarcadero Center, and tickets are available online.

I’ll be trying to take in everything on Tuesday night, but I’ve also worked a little personal time into the program, for visiting a few bars and stocking up on supplies at the local liquor boutiques. If you’re in town on Monday or Tuesday, you may bump into me at Alembic, Cantina or Bourbon & Branch, or any of the other places I’ve been yearning to try. I’m pretty easy to spot — I’ll be the guy sponging a drink off you while obsessing about the kind of rye the bartender is using. And you thought I was just pretending to be a geek…..

4 Responses to California Bound

  1. Hope to see you floating around the old kelp field, though we’ll be out of town much of the 22nd.

    I’ll be honored to buy you as many crabby patties as you can eat and as much rye as you can soak up.

  2. I am much saddened that I not only couldn’t afford to got to the independent spirits show, but can’t afford to hit whisky fest. I’m afraid I will have to count on your for post-fest whiskey porn.

    If it’s not on your radar you might want to check out NOPA – They’ve got a delightful combo of great food and great cocktails. There’s also a place that’s fairly new called The Ambassador from which I’ve had some very nice drinks, and the space is gorgeous. The one caveat is that it’s best to get there somewhat early as later in the evening it tries to be more of a club than a cocktail place and just gets dumb.

    I also have to represent for Cantina. It constantly wrestles with Absinthe as my favorite place in the city, but tends to win cause I’ve gotten to know some of the folk who tend there. If you’re there and see a guy looking around for somebody who will sponge drinks from me it’s probably me:)

  3. Let me know when you’ll be at Bourbon and Branch. I’ll meet up with you there. Though Cantina might be a bit redundant as the guys that work at B&B also work there. Try Absinthe, though Cantina is the new, hip place.

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