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30/30, #10: the Riviera

Last spring, while working on a liqueurs article for Imbibe, I interviewed Toby Maloney, a veteran of a number of bars, notably including The Violet Hour in Chicago. While talking about Campari, Toby suggested a drink that he’d placed on the spring bar menu, and described it as a “Campari gateway drink”. I’ve been a… Continue Reading

30/30, #9: Maisy Dotes

Unless you’re one of the people who reads every cocktail blog that’s popped up online over the past few years — and this may cover a good chunk of my regular readership — you may have missed a regular little gathering that happens every week called Thursday Drink Night, hosted at the Mixoloseum. The idea… Continue Reading

30/30, #8: the Stifferino

I really wish I could say that I didn’t pick this drink largely because of its name (and because of the resultant off-topic Google searches that will lead people to this blog), but that wouldn’t be quite true. I also wish I could say that I liked this drink a lot more than I did,… Continue Reading

30/30, #7: Tchoupitoulas Street Guzzle

The Tchoupitoulas Street Guzzle has, in my opinion, one of the greatest names in mixology; the recipe, however, needs a little reimagining. As noted by Stanley Clisby Arthur in Famous New Orleans Drinks and How to Mix ’em, first published in 1937, the Tchoupitoulas Street Guzzle was a regular tipple at the Iron Horse Tavern… Continue Reading

30/30, #6: Cuzco

This is a new addition to Casa Chronicles, though since it’s a drink that Julie Reiner came up with for Flatiron Lounge a couple of years back, I suspect it’s thoroughly made the rounds in some circles. Since the 3,000-mile commute precludes frequent visits to Flatiron, I missed this drink when it was first introduced.… Continue Reading