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30/30, #13: By Any Other Name

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn (Running into the evening with this 30/30 post, but it’s still Wednesday where I live, so all’s fair….) A few months ago the good folks at Imbibe sent me to Las Vegas, a city that’s diametrically at odds with just about everything about me: I’m normally pretty quiet and subdued, I’m… Continue Reading

MxMo Hard Times: Drink Like a King(sley)

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Within the last 24 hours I’ve learned of two active participants in the cocktail blogosphere who are now, um, on unscheduled sabbatical as a result of the global economic crap-tsunami (and that’s not counting the geniuses like me who thought it wise to quit a job just before the financial sector… Continue Reading

MxMo 19th Century: Gettin’ Vermouthy

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn They don’t make tastebuds like they used to. Thanks to Dinah over at, who’s hosting this month’s round of Mixology Monday, I’ve been taking a sentimental stroll through some of the older — and newer (thanks to Mud Puddle Books) — cocktail manuals on my bookshelf, in search of the… Continue Reading

MxMo New Orleans Wrapup: Two-fisted style

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn For this month’s Mixology Monday — the first that saw something that at least passed for a “MxMo Live” component — bloggers took the theme to heart: not only are we awash in French 75s, Ramos Gin Fizzes and Absinthe Suissesses (try saying that last one after a couple of drinks),… Continue Reading