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Delmarva Cocktail No. 2

I’m only slightly taken aback by the name (which, as Slakethirst so kindly reminded me when I first posted this writeup, is short for “DElaware, MARyland, VirginiA”). I’m sure there’s some excellent story behind the awkward acronym–or at least a good excuse–but at first take, “Delmarva” sounds like the half-remembered name of your great-aunt inContinue Reading


It’s over. The lights are coming down from the windows, the ornaments are going back in their boxes, the tree is destined for the compost heap. From here on out, there’s no gaity to winter–it’s all leafless branches, bitter mornings and sullen gray skies until April. I’ve spent most of my life in drier, colderContinue Reading

Holiday Mixology

Just when I was wondering what kind of new, unheard-of concoction to mix up for guests on Christmas, Chuck Taggart posts a recipe for this intriguing new cocktail over at the Gumbo Pages. Réveillon Cocktail 2 ounces Laird’s Straight Apple Brandy (substitute Laird’s Applejack or your favorite Calvados). 1/2 ounce pear brandy (make sure it’sContinue Reading

Hot and Cold

If you were to rank Yuletide peculiarities of otherwise reasonable people on some sort of oddness scale, the seasonal demand for rich, eggy, booze-laden beverages is situated several points below the desire to wear a reindeer sweater adorned with shiny, jingly things, and the genuine conviction that anybody honestly wants a scented candle as aContinue Reading


I’m venturing onto uncertain ground, here. I’m listing a recipe for a drink I’ve never actually tried–not this recipe, and not recently anyway. But given the season, I’ve been meaning to post info on more yuletide beverages. Unfortunately, so many seasonal libations fall into the “add a quart of heavy cream and a dozen eggs”Continue Reading