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60/30, #32-33: Stone Fruit Sour and Don Bruno

I try to range around the country when searching for good new drinks, hitting up bartenders in Boston, San Francisco and New Orleans to get an idea of how things are working in other cities. This means, though, that I’ve sometimes been guilty of ignoring what’s happening closer to home, with Seattle bartenders, and partContinue Reading

60/30: California brandy and not gone but (maybe, kinda) forgotten

Earlier this fall I wrote a piece for the San Francisco Chronicle on a topic that just a few years ago would have made me roll my eyes: California brandy. My parents kept a liquor cabinet when I was a kid, but except for a bottle or two of decent whisky, much of the inventoryContinue Reading

MxMo Lime: Planet of the Apes

In case you’re new to this blog, I’m a longtime fan of tiki, and ever since I got my spiral-bound copy of Grog Log for Christmas several years back, I’ve kept an ingredient list in my notebook for those times when I’m in grocery or liquor stores that have an inventory leaning to the esoteric,Continue Reading

MxMo LI (that’s 51, not Long Island) – September 20

(Jesus, we’ve done 50 of these things already?) Hot off the heels of a bang-up August event, which marked the return of Mixology  Monday after a brief summer hiatus, September’s event will bid adieu to the season on September 20. Hosting this round of MxMo is Doug at Pegu Blog. Perhaps noting that “gin,” “bitters”Continue Reading

Bitter Maestro

It’s been a long, busy summer of mostly ignoring this blog, and if left to my own devices I’d likely let the radio silence continue until well after Labor Day. But in response to several inquiries and gentle nudges following the last round of Mixology Monday — a theoretically monthly event that last took placeContinue Reading