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60/30, #19-20: breaking out the Batavia arrack

If there was a predominant recurring theme in this blog, and in my drinking life, back when it first started in 2005, it was the search for, or re-creation of, vintage cocktail ingredients that were no longer obtainable. I don’t do that much anymore, for good reason: primarily because, thanks to folks like Eric SeedContinue Reading

60/30, #12-16: Four drinks with Chartreuse and chocolate

I’d like to be able to claim that I’m writing up several Chartreuse drinks based solely on my enthusiasm for the liqueur. A claim like that would probably be about 80 percent right. I mean, sure, I like the stuff, though I had an adaptation phase for Chartreuse that was almost as long as theContinue Reading

60/30: Cane rum and San Francisco drinks

Years ago, when first introduced to the offbeat booze that is rhum agricole, I had a hard time figuring out how a spirit so similar in origin to the molasses-based rums I’d recently become so enthusiastic about could have a flavor and character so goddamn different. Fortunately, my first sip of rhum agricole was pouredContinue Reading

MxMo Lime: Planet of the Apes

In case you’re new to this blog, I’m a longtime fan of tiki, and ever since I got my spiral-bound copy of Grog Log for Christmas several years back, I’ve kept an ingredient list in my notebook for those times when I’m in grocery or liquor stores that have an inventory leaning to the esoteric,Continue Reading

What I Drank on my Summer Vacation, 2010 edition

This week was the start of school here in Seattle, which means that promptly at 9:15 Wednesday morning I hustled my offspring through the doors of their elementary school and — while their new shoes were still squeaking in the hallways and before they’d had a chance to lose a backpack or a lunch boxContinue Reading