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Boukman Daiquiri

On my list of things I ignored blogging about in 2009 was this: Drinking Lessons at the Sorrento. That’s too bad; this is a great series of events for Seattle-area cocktail people, and the session I attended in November – with Alex Day and Toby Cecchini – was not only wonderfully done, but resulted inContinue Reading

MxMo XLV: There should be a scone in here somewhere…

I’m on pretty good terms with most drinks in the canon of classical mixology. Things that used to freak me out, like the in-your-face herbaceousness of Chartreuse or the sharp bitter bite of Campari, have long since become things I crave, and even weird and funky stuff like Batavia arrack or a skunky rum areContinue Reading

MxMo: Ginger – Barometer’s falling, wind out of the east

No, it’s not the Dark & Stormy. Though you could be forgiven for thinking that, based on the headline and on that notation on the calendar that today is Mixology Monday, which happens to be hosted this month by RumDood, who has chosen Ginger for this month’s theme. So, ginger plus rum (minus the dood),Continue Reading

30/30, #29: the Daisy de Santiago

Told you there’d be another Charles H. Baker drink before this whole 30/30 things was over…. Baker describes this daiquiri-with-benefits as “a Lovely Thing Introduced to Us through the Gracious Offices of the Late Facuno Bacardi, of Lamented Memory”, and says that “along with the immortal Daiquiri, this is the best Bacardi drink on record.”Continue Reading

30/30, #26: the Cora Middleton Cocktail

Another drink from the works of Charles H. Baker, Jr., in this case The South American Gentleman’s Companion. I frequently return to Baker, both for reading enjoyment and for mixological inspiration (and I may still hit him up for one more drink before this 30/30 thing is over), and at the risk of repeating myselfContinue Reading