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Bitter Maestro

It’s been a long, busy summer of mostly ignoring this blog, and if left to my own devices I’d likely let the radio silence continue until well after Labor Day. But in response to several inquiries and gentle nudges following the last round of Mixology Monday — a theoretically monthly event that last took placeContinue Reading

30/Mo…uh….wait, make that Mx30 … damn!

Chuck Taggart is a mighty bitter man. Oh, sure, he’s nice enough on the outside, and chatty and friendly and all that, but when it comes right down to it, “bitter” pretty much describes his state of mind. Today, anyway — because once again it’s Mixology Monday (chapter 39, for those keeping score), and Mr.Continue Reading

30/30, #30: the Prescription Julep

In Imbibe!, the drinks book that just keeps on giving more than a year and a half after the first reading, Dave Wondrich notes of the Prescription Julep, “It [...] happens to be the tastiest Mint Julep recipe I know.” I’ve tested this theory before, found it sound and then moved on, but I’ve pulledContinue Reading

30/30, #21: the Empyrean

There are several essential rules everyone should know when navigating the contemporary world of bars, cocktails and mixology: If Chris Hannah at Arnaud’s French 75 bar offers to make you something he’s been working on, don’t ask questions — just say yes. If you step into Flatiron Lounge or Clover Club and find the barContinue Reading

30/30, #20: The Trinidad Sour

I just realized I have no real way to categorize this drink, other than to start a new category titled “Holy Hell.” I read about this drink in March on Lauren’s blog at Drink Boston, and on Frederic’s blog at Cocktail Virgin Slut, and both times I recall thinking, “That sounds awesome, but scary. I’mContinue Reading