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30/30, #16: the Saratoga Cocktail

A few days ago, while covering the Diamondback, I mentioned the natural relationship that exists between the rich flavors of rye whiskey and apple brandy. Here’s another excellent drink in the same vein, except with a different partner for the whiskey: the Saratoga Cocktail. Essentially a Manhattan that’s had half of the whiskey swapped out… Continue Reading

30/30, #11: the Diamondback

In the late fall and early winter, I fell into a swoon regarding the perfect marriage between two ingredients: rye whiskey and apple brandy. While I’d flirted with this combination before, I’d never really explored its potential. By November, though, I was reaching for the black-labeled bottles of Rittenhouse bonded rye and Laird’s bonded apple… Continue Reading

Before I Forget (again)

There were a lot of things I wish I’d blogged about in 2007 but never got around to; here’s one of them. Last summer, while wandering the hallowed halls of eGullet’s Spirits & Cocktails forum, I came across a post in the apricot brandy thread about one of the riffs on the Manhattan / Brooklyn… Continue Reading

Raiding the Louisiane

Slipping in with just minutes to spare, one more entry for Raiders of the Lost Cocktail. Anita chose Benedictine as the ingredient this round, and according to the ground rules: * Each month, the [previous month’s winner] will select a cocktail ingredient, which is accessible but not currently in vogue. * Each month, readers are… Continue Reading

Prince of Wales

If I’m still swooning over David Wondrich’s new book, Imbibe!, it’s only partly because it’s a damn fine read. In addition to that, though, it has plenty of recipes that have had me breaking out the shaker over the last couple of weeks, often with very good luck. The Prince of Wales’ Cocktail grabbed my… Continue Reading