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Whiskey by the Bay

Sorry for the long delay there — I think I’m still in shock from the experience of seeing so many different types of whiskey trotted out at WhiskyFest in San Francisco last Tuesday; that, and from my experience at Bourbon & Branch the night before. While my liver and I still aren’t on speaking terms,… Continue Reading

California Bound

In just over a week I’m headed to San Francisco to attend a whisk(e)y-lover’s dream event, WhiskyFest. How could you not want to go to something called “WhiskyFest”? And if the name alone isn’t enough to bring you running, consider this: the pouring list offers more than 200 different types of whisk(e)y, from Aberlour and… Continue Reading


File this under “delayed reaction.” I first read about the Boulevardier in the spring, when Dr. Cocktail did a lovely writeup about it in Imbibe. I distinctly remember reading the column and thinking, “hmm…gotta give that a try when I’m in a Campari mood.” I turned the page, and immediately lost the drink somewhere in… Continue Reading

MxMo XIX: Mornin’, Glory

It’s here. The rain started Sunday, less than 24 hours after I noticed that the old-fashioned globe lightpost in front of our house was becoming surrounded by a corona of red-and-yellow maple leaves. As I waited outside with my son for the school bus this morning, the first leaf, a scout, dropped from the tree… Continue Reading

Black & Tan

Okay, I’m not done talking about Tales of the Cocktail yet. But since several other booze bloggers are still recapping the different drinks & events, I won’t feel like a freakin’ idiot by still going on about it. Besides, fate knocked, in a way, today, and I just couldn’t let the opportunity to mix up… Continue Reading