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Mixology Monday XLIV: Money Drinks, December 14

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn No, not “Monkey Drinks”, though the idea of a simian-themed MxMo is one we may want to come back to, but Money Drinks, as in….well, let’s explain this. But first — this round of Mixology Monday is hosted by Kevin Langmack at Beers in the Shower. Due to some tragic technical… Continue Reading

Mixology Monday VII & beyond

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Back from vacation — tanned, rested and as ready as I’ll ever be. While I was gone the comments and e-mails came pouring in — thanks for your interest, everyone, I’ll eventually get everything answered — and apparently the spammers pushed their way through a hole in the Akismet dike last… Continue Reading

Mixology Monday

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Following up on my last post, I’ve thought for a while that it’d be great to have a regular event in the fine cocktails and mixology community that would provide a way for readers and participants to explore some really great drinks and have a good time. Drawing on the examples… Continue Reading

60/30: California brandy and not gone but (maybe, kinda) forgotten

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Earlier this fall I wrote a piece for the San Francisco Chronicle on a topic that just a few years ago would have made me roll my eyes: California brandy. My parents kept a liquor cabinet when I was a kid, but except for a bottle or two of decent whisky,… Continue Reading

On the Calendar (hint: there’s a MxMo involved)

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Part of recalling that I have a blog is remembering all the stuff I forgot to post over the past few months. Well, I’ll probably forget to post about some (hopefully not all) of these events in the weeks to come, but I’ll get at least a brief mention out of… Continue Reading