Black Velvet

Mornings? You can keep ‘em. Even though I have all the daytime demands that come with being a middle-aged family man unburdened by independent wealth, I still prefer coming at the morning from the other side — seeing the sunrise as a tip that it’s time to go to bed rather than as the cueContinue Reading

MxMo Come to your senses: do you smell something in here?

I’ve been at this cocktail thing a long time. A little more than eight years ago, if memory serves, I bought my first bottle of rye, tracked down a copy of David Embury’s The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks on eBay (price: $10 — oh, how things have changed) and started mixing the hell outContinue Reading

Beer? Bourbon? Oh, hell–make it both

I’ve been sitting on this recipe for a while. This drink initially caught my attention last winter, while working on the (aborted) 60/30 thingy in which I tried to revive my own interest in this blog by writing about a whole hell of a lot of stuff. Writing about 60 drinks in 30 days overContinue Reading

The summer of pisco? Let’s start with the Bell-Ringer….

This could be the summer for pisco. I’ve been hearing for years about how the revival of this South American spirit was right around the corner — about how pisco and cachaca (which is also made in South America, but beyond the matter of geography and color has pretty much nothing in common with pisco)Continue Reading

Barback Pro-Am: the horror….

As I mentioned back in February, I recently had the poor judgement to agree to participate in an event put together by Small Screen Network, dubbed “Jim and Rocky’s Barback Pro-Am.” The idea behind the series was simple: Seattle bartender Jim Romdall and bartender/bon vivant Rocky Yeh would travel along the West Coast, recruiting bloggers,Continue Reading