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The Beuser & Angus Special

The world needs more Chartreuse-based drinks. True, the French herbal liqueur is splashed about a bit too liberally nowadays; so many ambitious bartenders and home mixologists handle Chartreuse much the way they once did St. Germain, pouring it into more cocktails than they should while seeking to give their bespoke drinks what they hope is… Continue Reading


Please excuse the dust — it’s been a while since I’ve been around these parts, and I haven’t had a chance to clean up. On what’s become a typical Monday night, I’d be perfectly content to continue ignoring this blog in favor of frittering away my time on even less productive pursuits, but today is… Continue Reading

Japanese Flip

Yes, yes, the first post in a month, and for all the good intentions with that whole 60/30 effort, I managed to squeak out just shy of 40 drinks before succumbing to work / laziness / holidays / post-holidays laziness. But, the final 20 drinks are to come over the next week or so, once… Continue Reading

60/30, #37-39: the Negroni and friends

There are three drinks to get through in this post — one familiar classic that I’ve somehow never blogged about here, two not-so-familiar variations — so let’s dispense with the niceties and get right down to it. The Negroni. A moment of silent veneration, if you please. Three ingredients, equal parts — easy to remember,… Continue Reading

60/30, #34-36: In praise of hogo and the allure of funky rum

Hogo? Yeah, I’d never heard of it either. Here’s how David Wondrich lays out the term in his new book, Punch, (which if you haven’t bought it yet or put it in a place of prominence on your Christmas list, I’m really wondering why you have any business reading this blog): The Victorian free-love advocate… Continue Reading