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60/30, #12-16: Four drinks with Chartreuse and chocolate

I’d like to be able to claim that I’m writing up several Chartreuse drinks based solely on my enthusiasm for the liqueur. A claim like that would probably be about 80 percent right. I mean, sure, I like the stuff, though I had an adaptation phase for Chartreuse that was almost as long as theContinue Reading

60/30, #9, 10 & 11 – Mezcal makes the rounds

A little over five years ago, when I first started this blog, mezcal hadn’t even risen high enough in the cocktail world to be considered an afterthought. Sure, Ron Cooper had begun importing his Del Maguey single-village mezcals back in the ‘90s, but these things take time, and while tequila was in full bloom followingContinue Reading

60/30, #5 & 6: Epicurean and the Allies Cocktail

Alright, it’s the night before Thanksgiving, so I’m gonna make this quick (and I’m also going to take High Turkey Day off from the 60/30 project, then toss in two more drinks over the weekend to make up, just because I can). About a year ago, as we were descending once again into the holidayContinue Reading

60/30: California brandy and not gone but (maybe, kinda) forgotten

Earlier this fall I wrote a piece for the San Francisco Chronicle on a topic that just a few years ago would have made me roll my eyes: California brandy. My parents kept a liquor cabinet when I was a kid, but except for a bottle or two of decent whisky, much of the inventoryContinue Reading

What I Drank on my Summer Vacation, 2010 edition

This week was the start of school here in Seattle, which means that promptly at 9:15 Wednesday morning I hustled my offspring through the doors of their elementary school and — while their new shoes were still squeaking in the hallways and before they’d had a chance to lose a backpack or a lunch boxContinue Reading