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California Bound

In just over a week I’m headed to San Francisco to attend a whisk(e)y-lover’s dream event, WhiskyFest. How could you not want to go to something called “WhiskyFest”? And if the name alone isn’t enough to bring you running, consider this: the pouring list offers more than 200 different types of whisk(e)y, from Aberlour and… Continue Reading

MxMo XIX: Mornin’, Glory

It’s here. The rain started Sunday, less than 24 hours after I noticed that the old-fashioned globe lightpost in front of our house was becoming surrounded by a corona of red-and-yellow maple leaves. As I waited outside with my son for the school bus this morning, the first leaf, a scout, dropped from the tree… Continue Reading

Cameron’s Kick

Remember the old saw about how, if you took a million monkeys and gave them each a typewriter, they’d eventually come up with the works of Shakespeare? Well edit “typewriter” to read “cocktail shaker,” and stick the monkeys in a well-stocked bar, and the banana-addled mixologists would come up with a Cameron’s Kick in about… Continue Reading


It’s over. The lights are coming down from the windows, the ornaments are going back in their boxes, the tree is destined for the compost heap. From here on out, there’s no gaity to winter–it’s all leafless branches, bitter mornings and sullen gray skies until April. I’ve spent most of my life in drier, colder… Continue Reading

Stone Fence

Even though it’s still only mid-November, it feels like autumn is in its final days in Seattle. Last week’s wind storms blew most of the yellowed leaves from the maple in front of our house, so now a glance out the living room window finds a scraggle of bare branches destined to remain our primary… Continue Reading