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The Beuser & Angus Special

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn The world needs more Chartreuse-based drinks. True, the French herbal liqueur is splashed about a bit too liberally nowadays; so many ambitious bartenders and home mixologists handle Chartreuse much the way they once did St. Germain, pouring it into more cocktails than they should while seeking to give their bespoke drinks… Continue Reading


Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Please excuse the dust — it’s been a while since I’ve been around these parts, and I haven’t had a chance to clean up. On what’s become a typical Monday night, I’d be perfectly content to continue ignoring this blog in favor of frittering away my time on even less productive… Continue Reading

60/30, #32-33: Stone Fruit Sour and Don Bruno

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I try to range around the country when searching for good new drinks, hitting up bartenders in Boston, San Francisco and New Orleans to get an idea of how things are working in other cities. This means, though, that I’ve sometimes been guilty of ignoring what’s happening closer to home, with… Continue Reading

60/30, #5 & 6: Epicurean and the Allies Cocktail

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Alright, it’s the night before Thanksgiving, so I’m gonna make this quick (and I’m also going to take High Turkey Day off from the 60/30 project, then toss in two more drinks over the weekend to make up, just because I can). About a year ago, as we were descending once… Continue Reading

60/30: California brandy and not gone but (maybe, kinda) forgotten

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Earlier this fall I wrote a piece for the San Francisco Chronicle on a topic that just a few years ago would have made me roll my eyes: California brandy. My parents kept a liquor cabinet when I was a kid, but except for a bottle or two of decent whisky,… Continue Reading