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60/30, #34-36: In praise of hogo and the allure of funky rum

Hogo? Yeah, I’d never heard of it either. Here’s how David Wondrich lays out the term in his new book, Punch, (which if you haven’t bought it yet or put it in a place of prominence on your Christmas list, I’m really wondering why you have any business reading this blog): The Victorian free-love advocateContinue Reading

60/30, #32-33: Stone Fruit Sour and Don Bruno

I try to range around the country when searching for good new drinks, hitting up bartenders in Boston, San Francisco and New Orleans to get an idea of how things are working in other cities. This means, though, that I’ve sometimes been guilty of ignoring what’s happening closer to home, with Seattle bartenders, and partContinue Reading

60/30, #31-32: Cooling Cups and Dainty Drinks

I’ve always had a soft spot for older recipes, even when they haven’t worked out. For every eye-opening moment I’ve had with venerable drinks such as a Brandy Crusta or an Improved Gin Cocktail, there’s been an awkward pause after taking a sip of a gin punch (a version that didn’t work so well —Continue Reading

60/30, #29-30: Friday = rye whiskey

It’s Friday at the end of a busy week, in the middle of a busy month. Complexity is not what I’m looking for in terms of drink preparation right now; lots of flavor, sure, and I’m still ready to do the basic shaking and measuring and whatever the hell I have to do to getContinue Reading

60/30, #26-28: Quinquina all over the place

Writing about three drinks with a common element of French quinquinas may be leaping deep into cocktail geek territory, but hey — here, I’m among my people. I’ve written in depth about the class of aperitif wines known as quinquinas a couple of times — here’s a piece from Imbibe, and another from the SanContinue Reading